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Friday, June 30, 2006

Back to reality

So im back from my friends in Kent after i spent a few days catching up and recharging the batteries. I hadn't seen Emma since the Green Wing signing on April 11th so there was a lot to catch up on. For starters she still hasn't watched Green Wing! The amount of times i must of said 'i know let's watch Green Wing' is probably endless. And i got a strange look for asking her to leave the British Gas ad on. However she is rather smitten with Stephen Mangan after meeting him, so as soon as i mentioned a possible series 2 dvd signing she told me she'd happily come along and now she's told me, she wants to tell him that she's never watched it because she thinks its funny. I said it was fine by me if she didn't mind me disowning her. I have mixed feelings about another signing, it will be as amazing as the first but then ill also be the other end of the country at Uni by the time Ocotober comes around so i wonder if its really worth missing some lectures for. I have a feeling ill go with yes. Also i made a deal with her that i would eat some sushi if she watched Green Wing, i don't like cooked fish so the thought of raw fish makes me want to throw up, ill just have to make her watch Green Wing first so i can refuse the sushi.
Wednesday evening we decided to go to the cinema as it's 'Orange Wednesdays'. The only film on that we wanted to see was 'Hard Candy'. After twenty minutes of adverts, of which we got so bored we started analysing them and then about three trailers it finally started. We decided to pay an extra pound for 'premier' seating, lots of room for your bum but less for your legs, so much so we ended up draping them over the chairs in front. So as we started getting comfy the film started. I thought it was brilliant. It handled the issue well and really plays on your emotions, your sympathy going from one character to the other every five minutes. There was some beautiful camera work too, the last shot was my favourite but i can't say how nice it was without giving the ending of the film away. I reccommend everyone goes to see it!
Thursday we had a nice lie in and then in the afternoon we went shopping. I managed to pick up a nice skirt in the Peacocks sale for £5 so im happy with that, as well as buying some more beads. In the evening we went for dinner at 'Frankie & Benny's' in Tunbridge Wells where i managed to embarass myself infront of her parents. Me & Emma were eyeing up a waiter, then she pointed out another one in which i replied 'no he's too pretty, i don't do pretty boys' and then her dad asked if i was sure and Emma just gave me a look. As usual my foot likes to live in my mouth, i did try to explain i didn't mean it like that but i don't think they believed me.
As i said we spent the three days catching up and then today i caught the train home. I listened to the second half of 'Basil' on my iPod whilst on the train.
Waiting for me when i got home was my laptop all fixed, so i can start writing again. Also waiting for me was 'Best of Smack the Pony' dvd from ScreenSelect and Emma bought me a Marilyn Monroe dvd set for my birthday. This as well as the England game tomorrow, should get me through the weekend until Rachel gets home and then i imagine i shall ring her and we can have a good gossip.

When quotage goes wrong...

Woop London Film and Comic Con tomorrow! I was going to meet Elijah Wood, but i really don't know if i can be bothered. I might meet Christopher Lee, just so he can say tht he met me. Which would be nice for him.

Looking throught the Bonhams Goodwood car auction catalogue yesterday. £30 for a frigging auction catalogue, but anyway, they had an Aston Martin DB5 in there £140,000 estimate, but my god its worth it. Especially since that is actually a bit of a bargain for a DB5, it done up in the James Bond stylee, which shows the level of geekdom some people reach. But my God, how good would i look cruising in that! Shame it'd be my first car, and the insurance would probably be about £30,000 for it!

The badges i ordered off the web came yesterday, got a load of GW quotey ones, including Big Geeky Nerdy Twat Face which i don't know if i can wear when none of my friends (Not including Stacie) are GW fans. They'd probably just think i was a bit odd, and/or agree!

The only problem with having badges that quote, are the fact that i get a sudden paranoia hit. What if i quoted wrong? What if there is a GW fan sitting opposite me on the bus laughing at me because it isn't actually Big Geeky Nerdy Twat Face, and something completely different? Yes i may have watched every episode (apart form S2ep8 for obvious reasons) about 80 times, but i'm slightly deaf you see, or i may have been distracted by daydreams of the Mangan to actaully concentrate on what anyone was saying. Yes i know the Mangan wasn't in that scene but thats not important is it?

You know what is important, the fact that anytime there is a dvd i want, it has to be delayed! I waited 15 months for GW to be released, and now when Garth Marenghi's Dark Place was in sight (monday!!!!!soooo close) i look online and its been put back until the 29th August! Bloody Fucksies! I'll just have to resign myself to the fact that i can never get what i want, and throwing a tantrum outside the dvd releasy peoples door won't help.

Means i can afford two boxes of Charmed Destiny now though, so thats good! Everyone wish me Kerr Smith and Pheobe costumes please!

Gosh, sorry for spouting!

Stacie is back soon!Yay! Missed you Ginger!

Rachel xxxxxxx

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bye for now.

No sooner do we set up a blog, then we both go away.
Tomorrow i am off to my friend Emma's in Tonbridge, Kent for 2 nights. I haven't seen her since April 11th when i made her go to the Green Wing signing with me and she still hasn't watched it! So i know what i'll be doing over the 3 days.
And i'm sure Rachel will update the actual details but all i know is she is going to London film and comic con at the weekend meeting Elijah Wood & Nathan Fillion. For the record im so not jealous.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Friendship Compatibility of Taurus with Pisces

You and Pisces form an easy friendship that affords great pleasure on both sides. You adore the Fish's laid-back attitude toward life, as well as their creativity and compassion. In turn, Pisces loves your rich humor, in addition to your common sense and calm reassurance. If you help your pal organize their finances, they'll help you develop your artistic talent. And while it's true that you can't depend on this friend to ever be on time, it's also true that Pisces has to put up with your inflexibility. The easiest way to overlook each other's weak points is to engage in hobbies you both enjoy. Fortunately, you probably both love painting, poetry and fishing.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Blog has landed

So this is our virgin post, Stacie is a little tired today and Brian is refusing to play nice, so its left to me to start things off. She doesn't know this yet so it'll be a nice surpise when she visits won't it!

Maybe we should explain who we are, and why we are joining together to post such wonderous things as.... ....... ...... hmmm... actually Gosh knows what we will post, because the time machine is broken and we can't go check what we are going to post, in order to come back in time and post future snippets here.

So you'll just have to wait and see won't you. I hope its good stuff though, because the world needs its entertainment, and we need to be loved. And worshipped, because that hasn't happened for a while, not since the minions ran away to join a different tribe, but thats a whole other story.

Anyway, stick around fellow bloggers and join us on our wonderous journeys through life.

Thanks for listening x x x x